Constant learning is the only way to feel young and current and I keep collecting documents on various applications, technologies and topics.

Now I am putting my collection for sharing…. Check them in “Documents” menu. You’ll need a valid email to register and access the materials.

I am starting the sharing from materials for NSW Selective Exams.

  • It is better to start the Selective preparation atleast two years before the exam. It is still a better option to continue from OC test preparation.
  • Selective Exam contains questions from topics that are advanced from Year 3/4/5 e.g Area/Volume/Geometry. The questions are to test the application skills of the concepts so don’t expect direct questions like what is the area, volume etc. Instead you’ll get to calculate how many litres a object holds, cost to fence the land etc.
  • Make the kids very familiar with the basic concepts before moving on the application.
  • The Singapore Test papers are the best place to start with. Even though they are less harder than the Selective Exams, they will help the kids in getting the pace.