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In the last post we saw the Retail specific functionalities associated with a site like Departments, Merchandise Category Assignment etc. This post is a continuation of the same and we are going to see how to close & archive a store, grouping the stores of similar characteristics from the business perspective and most importantly about using the site reference when new stores are opened. This video will also teach you how to change the Customer / Vendor assigned to a site in SAP Retail.

Grouping of sites:-
Depending on the business requirement, you may want to group the rural stores or non performing stores for running a promotion to enhance the sales. Or you might want to group a set of stores to plan for Merchandise distribution through allocating the materials purchased from a vendor. One more example is to group the competitors (created as customer with acc. group 0120) and use them in your competitor pricing. These are some scenarios we commonly come across in SAP Retail for grouping the stores. This demo shows how you can group them for the above said requirements.

Referencing the existing site:-
To create a Purchase Order / Sales Order for a material, the article should have been extended to that site. In core module implementations i.e SAP SD or SAP MM, we have the plants defined already at the time of Go-Live and there is a little chance of adding further plants after we we went live. Even if the new plants are added, we use LSMW or BDC to extend the materials to the new sites.

But in the Retail business, when a supermarket chain is growing rapidly, a new store is opened almost on everyday / week / month. Also the volume of Article master is very huge that extending all the materials to newer stores frequently is demanding & resource consuming and mosty the new data is going to be similiar that all your efforts to extend the article data is not worthy considering the redundant nature of the data. In this case we can use the concept of Reference site, where the newly created sites can fetch the Site Related Logistics Data, Planning Data and History from another site of similar nature. This video also demonstrates how a newly created store is referencing the data from existing Reference Site.

Closing the sites:-
Once you decide to close the site for reasons like – temporary closing for Renovation or permanent closing due to non performance, you can mark the sites for closing by defining the Closing date, Archiving flag and mark the associated Customer Master & Vendor Master for deletion.

In the video I missed the Archive Flag setting of the store, which should be set in the Site master under “Extras –> Archiving Flag”.

Changing the Customer / Vendor number of a site:-

We create a customer and vendor when we create a site. But due to some reasons you might want to dissociate the assignment and link with a new customer / vendor. You can do this by creating the customer & vendor separately using the appropriate account group. The maintain the link with the site in the following transactions – WB07 (Change Customer) / WB08 (Change Vendor)


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